How to Order?

Before submitting your order, kindly read and understand our Terms and Conditions.  You will have to agree with it before you could place an order on our website.

  1. Add item to your cart.
  2. Click on the Cart icon in the upper right corner to view your cart
  3. Click on the Checkout button
  4. Enter Billing and Shipping Details
  5. Select a payment option
  6. Click on Place Order Button

When will my order be delivered?

Standard Delivery

Metro Manila

1-3 working days


3-7 working days

Visayas & Mindanao

7-15 working days


What are the requirements needed to prepare for each transaction?



Paynamics Payment Gateway (Credit Cards, Debit Cards, 7-Eleven, DragonPay, G-Cash)

1 Primary ID

1 Secondary ID

Direct Bank Transfer



List of accepted Valid IDs

  1. Primary ID - Digitized Government ID (one of the following)
  2. i. SSS/Unified Multi-Purpose ID

    ii. GSIS ID

    iii. Driver’s License

    iv. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

    v. Passport

  3. Secondary ID (atleast two of the ff.)
  4. i. Voter’s ID

    ii. Postal ID

    iii. Tin ID

    iv. Company ID

    v. Senior Citizen ID

    vi. NBI ID

    vii. Company ID